About Us

Local Like You!

Here at Bo Knows Auto we are dedicated and determined to be the very best at everything we do. We value each and every customer and enjoy getting to know you personally. We believe that customer interaction and communication is key when providing our customers with the very best care and service.

Generate excitement

I have been in the Auto Body industry for over 4 years, taking all the knowledge and skills I learned and putting it to work in my detailing and PDR  environment. After working and managing at the premier detailing shop on Maui i have acquired skill that detailers here have yet to master. patients and and an eye for detail sets the standard for all our work. Backed with the top of the line tools and products to give you a result that you can not get anywhere else.

Why Choose Bo Knows?

As a small shop we take time on every vehicle we work on. Unlike the other shops in town that focus on getting more volume and more cars done, we take minimum four hours on every job ensuring the best result and the happiest customers. Not to mention being a smaller company allows us to have THE most aggressive pricing in the area!